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Volunteer Program Update

By Heather Welle, 01/09/18, 11:45AM CST


Read more for an update on the BHB Volunteer Program / Dibs.

BHB members were emailed the following update on the Volunteer Program from President-Elect Heather Welle:

I wanted to provide an update on the Volunteer Program as we have had some questions on whether more shifts will be added and how the January 14th date will affect those that have not had an opportunity to work shifts yet. 

The DIBS shifts for tournaments are added once our brackets are completed.  Typically we try and keep registration open as long as possible to accommodate as many teams as we can.  For this reason we can’t post DIBS sessions too far in advance.  Our Concession shifts can also be dynamic as games are added to the schedule.  Please understand games can also be cancelled at the last minute and this is out of our control.

Our Volunteers are working diligently to upload DIBS shifts as brackets are completed and concession shifts are determined. We also have a Volunteer Coordinating Committee who tracks hours worked and marks them as completed in DIBS.  You may have worked a shift that has not been marked completed yet so please know we are working on getting these current. We are also reviewing the number of hours worked compared to what we anticipate we still need.  We do not have all of this information at this time as we are working on our needs for the State Tournament we will be hosting in March and the bracket is done by the State.  We hope to have this information soon so we can determine the DIBS needs for that tournament.  We will also be looking forward to determine when the season will officially end for our concessions.

We would like to thank you for making our tournaments and concessions a success so far this season.  It takes everyone in our club to provide this experience for all the kids and families that visit our rink.  We look forward to continued success the next couple months of our season.

At this time no players will be removed from the ice and no monetary fee’s will be assessed.  Our DIBS sessions have been filled for almost all tournaments and we have sessions that still need to be added but unable to do so until we have been provided with information needed.  We will do our best to let you know as more shifts are added.  Thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve to get more shifts added and review the number of hours in place.  We will continue to provide more updates as we have them.  Thank you to those who have worked shifts and we ask those who have not had the opportunity to do so yet to begin to look at the sessions available and try to get signed up.