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Evaluation Update - Squirts, U10, Mites, Termites

By Mikayla Jablonski Jahner, 10/20/18, 3:15PM CDT


Squirts, U10, Mites, and Termites:

The evaluation groups for Squirts/U10/Mites/Termites are posted! 
A few reminders before we kick off the week of evaluations for these levels.  
The calendar is where you will find all of your evaluation days, times and locations.  Make sure you are clicking on a tag for any specific team within your level and you should see all of the times and locations pop up for you.  Do not just click the level, as you will not see anything.  
Parents of Squirts and U10 girls are allowed in the rink to help your skater get their gear on and laces tied tight.  However, once they are dressed, you are asked to leave the building so we can keep evaluations as fair and confidential as possible.  For the scrimmage on Sunday, all parents are welcome to come and watch.
For parents of Termites and Mites, you are allowed to stay and watch the evaluations.
Squirts and U10 will receive an evaluation jersey for the week.  Please have your skater keep that jersey and wear it for each evaluation date.  Make sure you know your child's jersey color and number.  
If any changes are made during the week to the evaluation groups, we will send another email and update you to the changes.  We will also post information on our website.
Again, these are only the evaluation groups and we hope to have final teams posted early in the week following evaluations.   All teams will be listed by name.  Squirts and U10 will hit the ground running right away that week!  Mites and Termites will start on November 3.  
Once teams are finalized, you will again find all practices times, locations, and dates on the calendar.  You will most likely want to click on just your team or group from that point forward so you see their events on the calendar and not everyone else's.  
If you are not receiving all of our emails or not sure how to keep up on the latest information, make sure to follow our Facebook page, our website, and the calendar.  As was mentioned in the parent meetings, some things are out of our control and that also means changes can happen with very short notice so we do our best to keep everyone updated through several different outlets.
Thanks and enjoy the next few days of warm weather!