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Squirts, U10, Mites, Termites Groups

By Mikayla Jablonski Jahner, 10/31/18, 4:00PM CDT



Squirts and U10 teams have been formed and are posted online.  They are listed by player jersey number and color.  

Squirts can be found here.

U10 can be found here.

Mites and Termites continued evaluation groups have also been posted.  We want to stress that these are not final groups and no teams have been formed yet.  With the number of kids we had in both of these levels, more than 2 days of evaluations are needed.  We also had numerous registrations come in over the weekend and those kids have not had a chance to even get on the ice yet.  These groups will continue to be evaluated over the course of the next few weeks and final teams will be determined at a later date.  Kids and parents should expect some movement between the groups over the next few weeks so it is important for you to keep up to date with the calendar and make sure ALL teams within your level are checked within the tag menu.  We will ensure everyone is kept up to date on the placement of kids throughout this process.

Mites evaluation groups can be found here.

Termites evaluation groups can be found here.

If your child is not listed within the Mites or Termites list posted, please show up at either Group 3 or Group 4 for those levels and inform a coach that your child needs to be added to the list of kids.  Again, with the number of kids on the ice at these levels, it is possible that we have missed someone.