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Recent Goalies News

Post-Season Information

By Mikayla Jablonski Jahner 02/26/2019, 3:45pm CST

We are excited to offer a post-season for 2nd Year Mites and up this season! The post-season sessions will start March 4 for the Squirt age group and March 11 for the Peewees/Bantams age groups.

This is open to all boys and girls who are in their 2nd year of Mites and higher. Your skater will play with the level he/she will be registering for in the 2019-2020 season or the equivalent level for the girls.

1st year Squirts/2nd year Mites/1st year 10U:

  • Post-Season 5-on-5
  • Practice 3 times per week
  • Full-ice 1 hour games on weekend
  • 2-3 teams per practice session
  • 1 hour practices, focusing on skills, skating, and positional play
  • Teams will be mixed with all skill levels within the appropriate age group - teams are posted here


1st year Peewees/All Bantams/2nd year Squirts/2nd year U10/all U15/all U12/all U14:

  • Post-season skills sessions
  • 1 hour, 15 minute practice, focusing on skills, skating, and positional play
  • Mini games will be included in the practices
  • Practice 3 times a week
  • No designated teams; each session will have a mix of whoever shows up


For more information, a FAQ page is located here.

Additionally, a schedule for each level is posted on the website. Squirts can be found here. Peewees can be found here. Bantams can be found here.

Tournament and DIBS Information

By Mikayla Jablonski Jahner 11/13/2018, 1:15pm CST

The EXCITEMENT is back in the air as we prepare for our CAPITALS CUP TOURNAMENTS this season! Our first tournament kicks off this weekend for Bantam B and B1! We have 14 teams in the tournaments this weekend so we encourage you to bring your families out and cheer on our Capitals, these games are FREE of charge! Brackets with game times and locations can be found on the website under "Tournaments"
Our tournaments can't be successful for all the players without your help. Please check the website under "DIBS" to check for shifts available THIS WEEKEND!  As a reminder all families, Termites through Bantams are required to work DIB hours. The tournaments are fun atmosphere for players and families, its very special to our kids that we can host a home tournament for them. Keep in mind even if your player has not reached tournament age yet, they will in just a few short years! Our families appreciate everyone's help to make their home tournament a success.
*Age requirements- Concessions (12 years old and up, must be accompanied by a parent if they are working a shift) Box Workers (must be 18 years old. Kids under 18 CAN NOT be in the box at anytime, this includes any and all games, even outside of tournaments) Table Workers ( we would prefer adults as you will field a lot of questions from visiting teams)
*Please make sure you are on time for your shift.  If you are working the box please be aware it is possible a game could go in overtime and delay the game you are working. There are detailed "cheat sheets" in the box for score score sheets and clock operator.
*Clock operators-please make sure you are versed on the clock and maybe take a little practice time before the game starts.
*Announcers-Please play music if the facility has the equipment necessary. You can use your phone and playlist but please keep it age appropriate. Please speak loud and clear for the spectators to hear.
*Score Sheet Workers - PLEASE TURN IN HOME AND AWAY GAME SHEETS TO WELCOME TABLE IF TEAMS DON'T PICK THEM UP FROM THE BOX AT THE END OF THE GAME. Teams are calling for these a week later and it's difficult to go back to all the rinks and find/collect them.
*There are also detailed scripts (binders) and tournament info/rules in each box. Along with score books, scratch paper, pens, copies of the brackets, etc.
*Box Workers- as frustrating as it may be as a  box worker or as a parent, whatever the ref tells you to write down for assists and goals is what needs to be documented in the scorebook! It is a HUGE VIOLATION to approach the ref after the game and have him or her change the official scoresheet! The game could be thrown out!
*Table Workers have detailed scripts at each table to follow as far as helping teams check in and directing traffic.  Teams will provide you with game stickers, please only collect for the game they are playing, not the entire weekend.  Ensure these get to the box workers prior to the game starting. COLLECT GAME SHEETS HOME AND AWAY FOR EACH GAME AND HOLD ON TO THEM AT TABLE. IF THE TEAMS DON'T PICK THEM UP WE WILL COLLECT THEM AT THE END OF THE TOURNAMENT!
*Concession workers will always be with 1 paid employee to train them/help them. 
*At EVERY VOLUNTEER STATION- table workers, box workers, concession workers, will be a hard copy of DIBS. EVERY VOLUNTEER NEEDS TO INITIAL OFF BY HIS/HER NAME FOR TRACKING PURPOSES!
*As always remember you represent Bismarck Hockey and our beautiful town!  Our tournaments last season were very successful and we have many teams returning! We want to make Bismarck a tournament destination for teams. This is a revenue generator for our club  that impacts all age levels. It also keeps our teams home for a weekend and the kids excitement to host a tournament on their home ice is priceless.  Let's welcome these teams with open arms and show them a fun weekend!!
*Apparel will be available for purchase at all our home tournaments!
14 hours per family
3.5 hours per family if you hold another volunteer position
*Hours are tracked and families should try and have half their hours completed or future shifts signed up for by middle of January.  If you wish to not volunteer you can do the buyout option, more info under VOLUNTEERS on the website.  If no shifts are completed or signed up for by February 1, 2019 we do reserve the right to bench a player until an attempt to sign up for shifts happens or  buyout option is exercised.  This is not action we want to take, you will find these opportunities to work at games and concessions to be fun and rewarding. You can have a family member or another member of the club work the shifts for you and last season many members worked their shifts and then donated additional shifts to other families who weren't able to complete theirs.
REMINDER: If parents are concerned about getting volunteer hours, and the current DIBS are filling up, we have many more tournaments and concessions to come! We can not build the volunteer DIBS website until tournament brackets are made for these upcoming tournaments! We will announce when tournaments are open for DIBS shifts, please check concessions regularly as they are added often!

Important Dates

By Mikayla Jablonski Jahner 08/04/2018, 1:45pm CDT

Important Dates for you to put on your calendar for the upcoming season!

BHB has released important dates for all parents to put on their calendars as we approach the start of the 2018-2019 hockey season! 

And, as always, keep a close eye on the calendar, as things can change and/or be added due to lots of moving parts going on at all times.  We will try to keep everyone updated if there are changes but that is not always possible - check our News section of the website, the calendar, and your emails as often as possible to keep up to date on the latest happenings with BHB!


The Parent Meeting dates are as follows and are also on the calendar (all meetings held at the Mezzanine at CIC):

September 30:

  • Squirts - 3:00-4:15
  • Girls - 4:30-5:45
  • Peewees - 6:00-7:15
  • Bantams - 7:30-9:00


October 14:

  • Termites A-G - 12:00-1:30
  • Termites H-P - 1:45-3:15
  • Termites Q-Z - 3:30-5:00
  • Mites A-L - 5:15-6:30
  • Mites M-Z - 6:45-8:00



The Preseason dates and times have been set and put on the calendar.  All sessions will take place at VFW 2 from September 10-October 7.  Please refer to the calendar for more specific dates and times for your child's level.  Registration for Preseason should be up and running by end of next week.


The Bantam Checking Clinic dates are as follows:

  • August 27 from 8:30-9:15
  • August 28 from 8:30-9:15
  • August 29 from 7:00-7:45


This is a free event for incoming Bantams to help them get ready for the upcoming season.  All sessions will be held at VFW 1.


The gear handout for Intro to Hockey will be September 17-19 from 6:00-7:30 each night at Schaumberg Ice Arena.  We are always looking for volunteers for this night so if you are interested, please contact our Program Direction at


These dates were previously posted but we want to make sure no one misses the dates. 

Bantams/Peewees/U14/U12 tryouts will take place from October 8-October 16.

Squirts/Mites/U10 evaluations will take place from October 22-October 28.


Refs are an integral part of our organization, as we cannot play games if we do not have enough refs.  So if your child or anyone you knows is interested in reffing and making some extra cash, please attend one of our Reffing Seminars this season.  The dates for the Reffing Seminars for this year are on October 21 from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and another session is being offered November 4 from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  More information will be posted on our Officials tab of our website as we get closer to these dates.