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2019-2020 DIBS Information

BHB has a volunteer program in which families will be required to volunteer hours in an effort to support games, tournaments and other activities.   This program covers the entire season from 4/1 to 3/31 of the calendar year.

This volunteer program supports BHB's vision for the growth of youth hockey in Bismarck and it will allow for the realization of exciting future plans, including:

• Summer programs, camps and off-season ice

• Staffing for personalized training and attention

• Purchases including goalie gear, dryland equipment, pucks, nets, jerseys and more

• Facilities, meeting and event space


  1. Volunteer Hour Requirements: Families with a player(s) participating at the squirts level or higher will be required to work 14 hours of volunteer time during the season. This is a family requirement, regardless of the number of registered skaters.
    1. BHB members who are already volunteering as a team manager, board member or on any other volunteer committee, will be asked to volunteer 3.5 hours
    2. Any full-time rostered coach who has a USA Hockey registration number, Coaches CEP, and has completed Safesport, a background check and the module requirements at their level is exempt and not required to work volunteer hours.   Note:  All of these requirements must be fulfilled and confirmed by the BHB Program Director to be eligible.
    3. Families with players at the Termite or Mite level only will be required to work 7 hours of volunteer time during the season.  Families with a player at one or both of these levels as well as a squirt or higher are still required to volunteer the 14-hour requirement.
  2. Payment Requirements: Each family with a player participating at the mites and above level will be required to provide a personal check or cashier’s check written out to Bismarck Hockey Boosters.  This check must be dated 3/31 of the following year.  For example, for the 2019-2020 season, all checks must be dated 3/31/2020. 
    1. Families with any player at the squirts/10U level and above will be required to provide a personal check or cashier’s check in the amount of $400
    2. Families with a player at the Mite level, but no player at a higher level will be required to provide a check or cashier’s check in the amount of $200.
    3. Families with players at the Termite level only will be required to provide a check or cashier’s check in the amount of $100.
    4. Families with players at multiple levels will be required to pay the amount noted for the player at the highest level.   For example, a family with a termite and a squirt will be required to pay $400.
    5. Any families new to the program with a player entering their first year as a Termite will not be required to turn in a check but will still be required to perform the volunteer hours.  (7 hours)
  3. Payment Submission: Checks can be turned in to BHB at the (3) official turn in opportunities below.  Checks can also be mailed to Bismarck Hockey Boosters, PO BOX 2408, BISMARCK, ND 58502
    1.  At the parent meeting at the beginning of the season
    2. During tryouts when the player receives their jersey
    3. After the teams are selected and the players receive their game jerseys

*If a check is not received from the family by the team jersey pick up date, the player(s)in that family will not be permitted to receive a game jersey and will not be allowed to play for the season until the check is received

  1. Fulfillment:
  1. If the family completes the required hours by 3/31 of the current season, the check will not be cashed.  All checks that are not cashed will be securely destroyed by BHB.
  2. If the family does not complete the required hours by 3/31 of the current season, BHB will cash the check.
  3. If the family completes the required hours prior to the start of tryouts for the current season, a check will not be required to be turned in.


2019-2020 DIBS Requirements

14 Hours per family- All Families (Squirts/10U,Peewee/12U, Bantams/15U)

7 Hours per family- All Families (Termite and Mite)

3.5 Hours per family-If a family member holds another volunteer position (team manager, board member, committee member)


We will open up DIBS shifts to  host teams first in each tournament.  This means if your player is playing in their respective home tournament you will get first chance to sign up for shifts before it is open to the rest of the membership!



Required Volunteer Hours/ DIBS

What's the value of the volunteering program/DIBS?

Providing concessions and (hopefully) realizing profits will help off-set costs, keep registration fees down and allow for future growth. Volunteering also allows the club to host more tournaments. Home tournaments provide revenue to the club through gate fees, spending money at concessions, and provides an economic impact to the community which we hope will allow us more opportunities for sponsorships in the future by business' that benefit. Home tournaments also cut down on travel costs for our families while still providing necessary game counts.  Our club is growing every year and we are always looking for ways to improve the program without raising fees.  The steps we are taking with concessions, tournaments and also advertising are to help keep costs down for families. 

What jobs will there be for volunteers to work?

Any concession shift, table or box worker shift at any tournament will contribute to volunteer hours.  There will likely be additional DIBS hours available through the season that will be listed under DIBS shifts on the website. This does not include box workers or locker room monitors for individual team games.

Concession Shifts 3.5 hour shift Sell food, beverages and merchandise. Must be 15 years old to work concessions, 16 years old to work the grill.  Please note - if we have volunteers under the age of 16 we would like to keep that number to an equal number of adults per shift.
Table Workers 3.5 hour shift Assist teams with checking in. Collect any tournament fee’s not received yet. Handout welcome packets. Be a liason between tournament staff and attendees for any information needed. An informational sheet will be available for you to follow.
Box Workers 1hr 45 minute Run the clock during games, fill out scorebook, and run penalty box. This group will also be announcing during the game, playing music as needed and a script will be available for you to follow. Must be 18 years old to work the box.


How do you sign up for volunteer hours/shifts?

All shifts will be found on the website:

They will be labeled under their respective tournaments and all other concession shifts available will be labeled under its own tab call concessions.  We will be tracking hours and need every family to do their part to make this a success for the kids.

Please note, you will need to be logged in to Sports Engine to see shifts.  They can be found under respective tournaments as well as concessions, this is on a first come, first serve basis. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR INDIVIDUAL TEAM SESSIONS. Only tournament and concession tabs count toward volunteer hours.

How can families "learn the ropes?"

There are scoreboard "cheat sheets" in each box at the rinks, they are also located on the website under "Scoreboard Help." A sample scorebook sheet is also located under the "Scoreboard Help" section on the website.  Concessions will have at least one trained shift leader on at all times.  There will be multiple people working concessions at a time.

Can children work the required hours or "help" on shifts with parents?

Safety is always our priority. Box workers must be 18 years old, nobody under the age of 18 can be in the box.  For concession and table worker shifts, the minimum age is 15 years and up; they must be accompanied by an adult. AND, if a parent signs themselves and their player up for a concessions shift/table worker  it will count as two shifts. (14 hours will go faster if you're teaming up on your shifts!) Plus, many of our members asked us to make some of these opportunities open to players so they can get their volunteer requirements for church or other organizations. It also helps encourage the community feel we are striving for with this experience. The shifts will be varied from evenings during the week and weekends. There will be a variety of time slots available.  You do not need to work the entire 14 hours at once, just through the course of the season.

What paperwork or certification is required? 

Safe Sport is required for the box, nothing for table or concessions


Are there other clubs WITH similar volunteer programs?

Yes. Minot, Mandan, Fargo, Grand Forks, Jamestown, Dickinson, Watford City and West Fargo are among clubs with similar requirements.

Who can I talk to about my questions?

Questions about the volunteer program can be sent to .