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Coaching Information

For those men and women looking to help parent coach or coach, or those who are looking to renew their level coaching, you will find all information regarding how to become a coach or how to renew here.

You will find a Coaches' Handbook below.  Please review this in its entirety prior to registering as a coach.

You will also find a registration link below.  Whether you are new or a returning coach, all coaches will need to register through this link.   

Currently we are looking for parent coaches and coaches for the 2023-24 Season.

For requirements for both first time coaches and those renewing their level status, please go to USA Hockey website ( - look under the coach tab). Or for any further questions, you can email the Hockey Director at

Again, thank you for your time and talents.

Coaching Requirements

​​​​The requirements to coach at the Termite level are the same as the Mite level.

All coaches must:

These requirements MUST be completed PRIOR TO DECEMBER 31 in order to receive any compensation, reimbursement, and/or DIBS credit. 


All coaches must attend a coaching clinic.  The dates will be released on our website and can also be found here. You will need to attend the appropriate level. 

If you were certified in the past, you are required to move to the next level, unless you are a Level 3 coach.  Level 4 is optional. 

Coaching clinics must be attended annually, and continuing education credits will be necessary once you reach Level 4.  You can find out more about your requirements on USA Hockey’s website.

All coaches must complete age specific modules for the age group they are coaching.  These can be found here.  This must be done annually.​         

The items in this list must be completed prior to December 31 of the current year or you will no longer be allowed to coach.

Please see the link below for information and other locations for coaching clinics.

Important Links

You will find links for the Background Screening, SafeSport, coaching tips, and mileage chart here.

USA Hockey SafeSport Training

This link will take you to the SafeSport training. However, additional information pertaining to SafeSport can be found under the "About" tab at the top of this webpage.

USA Hockey Background Screen

This link will take you to the Background Screen.

BHB Mileage Chart

These are set based on mileage for one-way trips. Once all game swings are in place for teams, this will be updated to include the mileage for those specific swings.

Required Forms

You will find all required forms here.  These must be completed prior to you registering as a coach and prior to receiving any reimbursements, compensation and/or DIBS credit.

W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit forms will be submitted with your registration. 

Reimbursement forms should be emailed to  Please refer to the Coaches' Handbook for details on when the reimbursement forms are due.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.