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Bismarck Hockey Boosters

BHB Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Bismarck Hockey Boosters Association is to provide a quality program designed to promote interest and participation in ice hockey.

Registration Information

Basic registration information can be found here but we encourage you to click on the "Registration" link at the top of the page to find more details about Regular Season, Summer Season, Preseason, and Intro to Hockey.

Gaming Partners

Bismarck Hockey Boosters would like to thank all of our gaming partner businesses for their continued support of youth hockey in Bismarck. The partnership between BHB and these businesses has allowed us to expand and make many improvements to Bismarck hockey. Please support our gaming partners when possible.

Lucky's Bar
Tap In Tavern
The Pier
Blarney Stone
Our Place Tavern

Important News and Updates

In an effort to ensure everyone is receiving all information relating to Bismarck Hockey, please check this area of our website often for any important news and updates.  You can also check out our Facebook posts, which are located to your right. 

Try Goalie For A Day

Do you have a skater who has been begging to try goalie? Well here is your opportunity! GoalRobber is offering the "Try Goalie For A Day" program again on October 22 where your skater can try out the gear and practice being a goalie for an hour!

More information and the registration link can be found here:

Intro to Hockey Program Wrapup

Thank you all for participating in our Intro to Hockey program this season!  We hope you all enjoyed it!

As you enter the last week of the program, you are probably wondering "what next"?  Well here are the next steps for you and your skater:

  • You can either sign up for the regular season; or
  • You can say hockey just isn't for us and you can return your equipment.

If you decide to continue on with the regular season, we are so excited!  You will then keep your equipment and you will want to get registered soon!  You can find the registration link and so much information here:  Regular Season Registration (

Also, the parent meetings for each level are this week and you can find that information on the home page of our website, our Facebook page, or on the calendar.  Since most will be either Termites or Mites, those meetings are as follows:  Mites - Sept 26 at 5:15 and Termites - Sept 29 at 6:00 pm.  All meetings are at Capital Ice Complex.  If you, as a parent, are also considering coaching, you should come to the coaches meetings as well, as you will get valuable information on the requirements for your level and how to get certified.  Mites/Termites coaches meeting is on September 28 at 5:30 pm at Capital Ice Complex. 

If you decide not to continue on, no worries - we are just glad your skater tried it out!  You will then need to return all of your equipment and the days to do this are on October 11 and 12 from 5:30-7:30 at Capital Ice Complex.

Thanks again for participating in our Intro to Hockey program and we hope to see you all at the rink soon!

Parent and Coaches Meetings - This Week!

We have a busy week coming up so make sure your calendars are marked! Both parent meetings and coaches meetings will take place this week. Times are listed below.

For those who cannot make the meetings, we will be providing meeting recaps on our website by next weekend!

All meetings will take place at Capital Ice Complex!

Sept 26:

  • 5:15 Mites Parent Meeting
  • 7:00 Girls 12U/14U/15U Parent Meeting
  • 8:30 Peewees Parent Meeting

Sept 27:

  • 5:15 Girls 12U/14U/15U Coaches Meeting
  • 6:30 Peewees Coaches Meeting
  • 7:45 Bantams Coaches Meeting

Sept 28:

  • 5:30 Termites/Mites Coaches Meeting
  • 7:00 Squirts/10U Coaches Meeting
  • 8:30 Squirts/10U Parent Meeting

Sept 29:

  • 6:00 Termites Parent Meeting
  • 7:15 Bantams Parent Meeting

We hope to see you all there!

Upcoming Hockey Season Information

September is more than halfway done as of today so it is time to start talking HOCKEY!  Here is some important information for our members for upcoming events and schedules.  There is a lot of information so please make sure you read through all of it carefully.

  • Tryouts will be held in October and groups for upper levels have been attached below and posted on the website.  The schedule for upper levels is also attached below and posted on the website.  If your child is not listed or is listed in a wrong group, please let us know as soon as possible so we can update things on our end.
  • Groups will change throughout the week.  Those new groups will be released prior to the next session.  The new groups will only include jersey numbers so please have your player let you know which jersey number he/she has.  
  • Game schedules will be released prior to the Saturday session of tryouts.
  • Parents/spectators are NOT allowed at tryouts - you must drop off your skater and leave.  Parents are allowed to the game day on Saturday.
  • Your player will need to check in upon arriving at tryouts - if they fail to check in or if they fail to get a jersey number assigned to them, they will not be evaluated.  They MUST check in each day.  They will keep the same jersey throughout the entire week.
  • Players will also need to hand in their cell phones, if they come with a cell phone.  It is ideal if they do not bring their cell phone to the tryout.
  • Goalies are not on the tryout group lists.  They will be placed individually in the near future so be on the lookout for an update from us soon!
  • Bantams/Peewees/15U/14U/12U:  Tryouts take place October 3-8.  Teams will be released no later than October 12.
  • Squirts/10U:  Tryouts take place October 10-15.  Teams will be released no later than October 19.
  • Mites:  Evaluations will take place October 17 and 18.  Evaluation groups for mites will be released closer to the date, as there are several registrations coming in for that age group.  Teams will be released no later than October 26.
Parent meetings:
  • Parent meetings have been scheduled at CIC as follows:
    • September 26:
      • 5:15 pm - Mites
      • 7:00 pm - Girls 12U and 15U
      • 8:30 pm - Peewees
    • September 28:
      • 8:30 pm - Squirts/10U
    • September 29:
      • 6:00 pm - Termites
      • 7:15 pm - Bantams
  • Gun Raffle Committee will be present to hand out tickets, along with BHB selling some swag and various merchandise.  
  • If you are unable to attend the Parent Meeting for your level, we will be putting together a "recap" of each meeting and will post on our website.
Robbie Glantz:
  • Robbie Glantz is again offering his skating clinic to our BHB members from October 20-23.  This is free and registration is open on a first come, first serve basis - there will not be any additional sessions offered.  The schedule and registration link are here:  Hockey Camps/Programs (
coaches/coaches meetings:
  • Coaches meetings are scheduled at CIC as follows:
    • September 27:
      • 5:15 pm - Girls 15U/12U
      • 6:30 pm - Peewees
      • 7:45 pm - Bantams
    • September 28:
      • 5:30 pm - Termites and Mites
      • 7:00 pm - Squirts/10U
  • All coaches are encouraged to attend this meeting to prepare for the upcoming season.
  • Coaches must complete all requirements listed on the Coaches page, including all employment documentation requirements, prior to helping with any on-ice activities or in any other capacity within BHB.  All requirements must be completed prior to December 31 in order to be paid, to be rostered and to receive DIBS credit.  The requirements are listed out here:  Coaches (
managers/managers meetings:
  • If you are interested in being a Team Manager this year, please email and state the level you would be helping with.
  • A Team Managers Meeting is scheduled for October 25 at 5:30 pm at CIC.  You will receive important information for the upcoming season and your team's jerseys so please plan to attend this.
  • Team Managers will also need to complete SafeSport and complete a background check through USA Hockey.
  • As a Team Manager, you will only need to complete an additional 2 hours of DIBS!
Locker Room Monitors:
  • If you are interested in being a Locker Room Monitor this year, please email and state the level you would be helping with.
  • We will need 2 Locker Room Monitors per team.
  • Locker Room Monitors will also need to complete SafeSport and complete a background check through USA Hockey.
  • As a Locker Room Monitor, you will only need to complete an additional 2 hours of DIBS!
Kick off events (Pictures too):
  • October 29 will be our Kick Off Event for Bantams, 15U, 14U, Peewees, 12U, Squirts, and 10U!  
  • November 12 will be our Kick Off Event for Mites and Termites!
  • These events are our "Welcome Back to the Rink" events and will include jersey handout, team and individual pictures, practice (of course), apparel vendors, and more!  
  • Picture order forms will be available from your team managers the day of the event or they can be printed ahead of time by going here:  2d8485_af4e0e79c8634d13a325a0e8ec113024.pdf (
Spring meltdown:
  • You heard it here first people!  BHB is reviving the Spring Meltdown and it is set for Lucky's Bar on March 25 so mark your calendars!
  • If you are interested in being an official this year, please make sure you are ready to attend the upcoming Officials Seminar on September 25.  More information and the requirements can be found here:  Officials (
Concessions workers:
  • BHB is still looking for a few part-time employees for the Concessions.  If you are interested in helping out, even on a limited basis, please email  You can learn more about the position here:  Employment Opportunities (
  • BHB is always looking for volunteers for several different committees, such as tournament committee and Spring Meltdown committee.  If you are interested in helping out in some capacity this year, please email and we will find a spot for you to help out.
Calendar and schedules:
  • The calendar has also been updated with all the dates that are mentioned in this email.  You will want to expand your "tags" to include your level so you are able to see everything on the calendar prior to the actual start of the season.
  • Reminder that practices will start for Squirts/10U and up the week of October 24 and practices for Mites and Termites will start on November 1.  Games are expected to kick off for most teams the weekend of November 11!
  • Practice schedules through November and complete game schedules for upper levels can be expected to be released by October 19.  Mites and Termites can expect to see game schedules and practice schedules through November to be released by October 26.
BHB Policies:
  • Just a reminder to review our Handbook and all of our other Policies, including our DIBS policy and our refund policy, prior to the start of the season.  If you have any questions regarding any of this, please let us know.
Communications from BHB:
  • BHB sends communications through email, in which the email goes to the main account holder on your Sports Engine account.  If you are not receiving email communications from BHB, please contact Sports Engine to update your account information.  
  • As part of our improved communication plan, we will post any important information from our emails on our Facebook page and also on our website.  Please make sure to check in those places as well when searching for information.  
apparel and more:
  • We have several vendors who offer BHB items for sale.  You can find a list of our approved vendors here:  Apparel (   
  • We will also have some options available for you at some of our upcoming events!
  • Please remember that you cannot produce and sell any items that have the BHB logo on them without prior permission from BHB.  If you are interested in producing and selling BHB items, please review and complete our Apparel Vendor Logo License Application and submit it to

That should about wrap it up for now :)  

As always, if you ever have questions on anything, please feel free to reach out to and we'd be happy to help!

Registration Reminders!

Just a few quick reminders about registration!

  • Regular Season:  Early Bird Discounts expire on July 31 at 11:59 pm so make sure to get registered prior to that!  This applies for Squirts/10U and up.  If you believe you are to receive another discount for DIBS or Gun Raffle Sales, please email prior to registering to obtain this code.  You can register here:  Regular Season Registration (
  • Preseason:  Preseason registration is live!  You will be allowed to sign up for 4 sessions per player and it is $10/session.  This is for Mites and up.  The complete schedule for each level is on the website and also on our calendar.  The link to register is on our Preseason tab of the website and also here:  Bismarck Hockey Boosters: 2022 Preseason (
  • Intro to Hockey:  Intro to Hockey registration is live!  Please share this with folks who may have kiddos ready to try hockey!  The link to register is here:  Intro to Hockey Registration (
  • Coaches:  Coaches registration is live!  A Coaches Handbook is on the website.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE HANDBOOK AND ARE AWARE OF THE REQUIREMENTS.  Coaching clinic information will be made available as soon as we have this information.  The signup for coaching is here:  Coaches (
  • Referees:  Referee registration is live!  Referee Clinic information will be made available on the website as soon as we get the information.  You can sign up to ref here:  Officials (
  • Bantam Checking Clinic:  Bantam Checking Clinic will be held September 27 and 29 from 7:15-8:15 pm at Wachter Rink.  First year bantams should plan to attend both sessions.  Registration is not necessary.

Important Documents and Information

You will find important documents and information for the season below.

Capitals Gear Colors:

Navy base with White or Red trim for breezers and gloves

White Helmet

It is not mandatory for participants in Mites or Termites to wear gear with these colors, but we strongly encourage that when you purchase new gear to follow this color scheme. All players in Squirts/10U and above must follow the BHB color scheme.

Other Information and Links

Advertising at Capital Ice Complex

Greetings! Capital Ice Complex, which houses the new Wachter Arena and freshly renovated Schaumburg Arena celebrated its Grand Opening on November 29, 2017!
Capital Ice Complex was able to be completed thanks to the generous support of many area businesses, organizations, and individuals.  BHB and BFSC are offering you a chance to become part of the action at the Capital Ice Complex by advertising on a dasher board or wall sign in one or both rinks. Take advantage of this offer soon as advertising opportunities are limited!