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Bismarck Hockey Boosters

BHB Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Bismarck Hockey Boosters Association is to provide a quality program designed to promote interest and participation in ice hockey.

Registration Information

Basic registration information can be found here but we encourage you to click on the "Registration" link at the top of the page to find more details about Regular Season, Summer Season, Preseason, and Intro to Hockey.

BHB Elections

Elections are upcoming for the BHB Board of Directors.  According to BHB's Bylaws and current members' terms coming to an end, BHB seeks nominations for the following positions:

  • President Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Director At Large (2 positions)

More information on these positions is available in the BHB Bylaws on the website.

If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please email prior to April 6 with your intent to run and a short bio that explains your background and how you can help BHB in the future.

The next BHB Board Meeting will be held on April 17 at 5:30 pm at Capital Ice Complex.  This is a general membership meeting as well and we encourage our membership to come to the meeting to hear more about what occurred this season and what we will be working on in the off-season, along with voting in your new Board Members.  This is your time to help shape the future of BHB!

End of Year Survey

It is the end of the hockey season and we know that is always the saddest time but it also means we can start looking forward to some warmer weather and getting outside, although we've already seen a lot of you continuing with more hockey!

As part of our off-season work, we are always looking for ways to improve our program and grow!  But, in order to focus on what is most important to our members, we need your input! 

Please take a moment to complete the Member Survey for this year.  It will help to gather information for development and growth going into the 2023-2024 season.

Please complete the survey prior to April 12.  And, when answering questions with comments, please remember to refer to the level you are discussing so we can gather the accurate information for the right levels.

Survey Link Here:  MEMBER SURVEY

Thank you in advance for your valued feedback!

Coaches' Survey

As with the end of the season Member Survey, we would also like to gather information from our coaches.  Please take a moment to fill out the Coaches Survey here:  COACHES SURVEY.  Please complete this prior to April 12.

Gaming Partners

Bismarck Hockey Boosters would like to thank all of our gaming partner businesses for their continued support of youth hockey in Bismarck. The partnership between BHB and these businesses has allowed us to expand and make many improvements to Bismarck hockey. Please support our gaming partners when possible.

Lucky's Bar
Tap In Tavern
The Pier
Blarney Stone
Our Place Tavern

Important News and Updates

In an effort to ensure everyone is receiving all information relating to Bismarck Hockey, please check this area of our website often for any important news and updates.  You can also check out our Facebook posts, which are located to your right. 

Important BHB Hockey Season Info

The season is officially underway with most teams having two weekends of games already under their belt!  What a whirlwind it is when the season starts!

So, in order to make sure everyone has the most up to date information, we are sending a beginning of season re-cap with so much important information!  There is a lot of info here so please make sure to read through the entire email and reach out if you have questions.

  • Player Development:  BHB’s focus is to develop hockey players each season to become the best they can be and prepare for the next level.  With that said, BHB does follow USA Hockey Guidelines and makes adjustments to programs during our off-season and also during the season to make sure we are meeting our skaters’ needs and abilities.  Player development is the sole reason as to why we structure our programming the way we do.  We would encourage all parents to take some time throughout the season to read through USA Hockey’s website and gain some insight into their research and their recommendations so everyone understands the reasoning behind our current programming:  ADM Kids
  • Gun Raffle Tickets:  On BHB’s website, you will find a “BHB Big Gun Raffle” section under “Home”.  This lists out the upcoming dates for ticket hand-in and pick-up, for those who have not yet received their book of tickets.  You will also find these dates on the calendar.
  • Coaches:  Coaches last day to have everything completed and be placed on a roster is December 15.  If you have not been receiving emails from Mikayla regarding your coaching status and you wish to coach, please make sure to register on BHB’s website under “Coaches” and email Mikayla.  You must be certified and have all required documentation in to Mikayla prior to December 31 in order to receive DIBS and/or get paid.  We are still in need of some additional Termites coaches so please register and help out if you are able.
  • Concessions:  BHB is in need of Concessions Shift Supervisors.  We are willing to be flexible and even if you can only dedicate minimal hours to helping out, we could look at working with your schedule.  If you are interested in seeing if this is a fit for you, please email Mikayla.
  • Practices/Game Schedules:  Schedules are out through the end of December.  Please review these schedules and any schedule change requests must be received by the head coach for the team prior to December 15 or the change request may not be accommodated.
  • Spring Meltdown:  BHB will be holding its annual Spring Meltdown on March 25 at Lucky’s Bar.  Please mark your calendars and we will see you there!
  • Jerseys:
    • Termite Jerseys:  Our Termite jerseys that were ordered ended up being on the smaller side than what we have had in the past.  For that reason, not all Termites were able to receive a Bobcats jersey on jersey hand-out day.  BHB has ordered additional Bobcat jerseys to make sure all of our Termites have the same jerseys.  We will notify all Termites when these are in and ready for pick up. 
    • Mites and Termites Jerseys:  Speaking of jerseys, The Locker Room in Mandan has offered to put names on the back of the jerseys for Mites and Termites for $10/name. Only Mites and Termites are allowed to do this, as these ages keep their jerseys.  If you wish to have this done, you will need to contact The Locker Room and go to the Mandan location.
    • If you have not yet been able to pick up your jersey, please let Kaine or Mike know and you can pick that up at your next game at CIC.
  • Squirts/10U:
    • Squirt/10U Travel Teams will be announced no later than December 10.  These will be sent in an email and also posted on our website.  Schedules for Squirt Travel Teams will be released at the same time.
    • Squirt In-House Jamboree (travel league):  This is set for December 16-18 so please mark your calendars.  The schedule for this weekend should be released soon so keep an eye out for that.  This will not include the girls’ teams that are in the Rec League currently.  Those teams will play a final weekend with the Rec League December 16-18 and then move in to travel.
    • Squirt Rec League:  We are finalizing the second half of the season for Squirt Rec League, as we are planning for a few games with out of town teams and the jamboree in Dickinson.  There will be an end-of-year jamboree as well and that will be held February 24-26.
    • All reimbursements for Squirt Rec League players who chose to be evaluated for Travel League have been processed.  If you do not see this on your original form of payment, please contact Mikayla.
  • Mites:
    • BHB tried something new this year with Mites and we are continuing to make adjustments to make sure this age group has a successful season.  Due to the number of teams and the number of kids in Mites, we have made a decision to make a final change to Mites and go to 2 games at a time on the ice and we will do half-ice games.  You will see changes being made to the Mites games on the calendar throughout this week so make sure you double-check your weekend games.  We apologize for the numerous changes we have made within this group but we feel it is important enough to adjust and make the changes right at the beginning of the year so each skater can continue to develop and prepare for their next season of hockey.
    • Mites Jamborees:  Mandan will hold their Mites Jamboree the weekend of February 17-19.  BHB will hold their end-of-year jamboree February 24-26.  Please mark your calendars for these dates.
  • Termites:
    • Termites will have an end-of-year jamboree and that will be held February 17-19.

And, lastly, we want to make sure everyone knows who to contact and when to contact those people.  On our website, we have a page titled “About”.  If you drop that menu down, you will then see “Board”.  And going from there, there are pages titled “Meet the Board” and “Contact”.  You can always connect back to these pages to find contact information for Board Members and employees for BHB.  There is also an organizational chart and more information on specific positions within the BHB Handbook and the BHB Bylaws, which can be found under “Documents” on the “About” tab of the website.  But, here is a quick rundown of the key people you may need to contact:

  • Mikayla Jablonski Jahner – Executive Director – contact Mikayla for all operational and administrative questions –
  • Kaine Martell – Hockey Director – contact Kaine for all your on-ice questions –
  • Mike Dora – Assistant Hockey Director –
  • Miquela Butz – Volunteer Coordinator – contact Miquela for questions related to volunteer hours or DIBS –
  • Off-Ice Coordaintors – contact your off-ice coordinators for specific questions regarding your level or for any grievances – individual contact information is located on our website
  • Managers – managers on upper level teams serve as the liaison between team and Mikayla – please contact your team manager for questions specific to your team
  • Coaches – coaches on upper level teams will handle disciplinary and scheduling matters, along with conducting practices and making decisions regarding games; as a reminder, head coaches will make final decisions on all games and practices and will be the person to contact Mikayla should they have any scheduling questions/requests

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions.

Agility Hockey

Parents and Coaches:

This year in Bismarck Hockey, we will be utilizing a software called Agility Hockey for Termites, Mites, and Squirts/10U. Agility Hockey is a practice plan software for coaches, parents and players. This software will help make our program be more efficient with practice plans and on ice time usage. Once players and coaches are registered on Agility Hockey, you will have access to the practice plans for your practice. The practice plans come with a breakdown of the drills with a diagram, written description, and a video. This is to help the players and coaches be better prepared for practices.  We need coaches and players/parents to register on the Agility website, which can be found here:  Agility Hockey Systems LLC

PLEASE DO NOT REFER TO THIS FOR TIMES FOR PRACTICES AND GAMES.  The app may sometimes be off or not update with any changes.  All practice and game times should be looked at on BHB's website.

Below is a link for players and one for coaches on how to then register your child within the system. We are asking everyone to get registered on Agility Hockey as soon as possible.

Coaches Tutorial 

Parents Tutorial

Trench Training Update (Dryland)

As we start our first week of practices this week, that also includes dryland for the upper levels.  All sessions are on the calendar.

Mites - your practices do not start until the week of November 1 but there is an optional Mites Dryland Session on October 29.  Once teams are released, you will notice your team is assigned to a time on the calendar.  This is not mandatory but if your child wants to get familiar with the facility and be prepared for upcoming sessions, please try to make it to the October 29 session.

All players MUST fill out this form prior to participating in dryland at Trench Training:

Please enter the facility through the east parking lot and players will exit the through the south.  Players need tennis shoes, gloves, stick.  Squirts and under need to have helmets as well. 

The address for your facility is:  3130 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501.

Important Documents and Information

You will find important documents and information for the season below.

Capitals Gear Colors:

Navy base with White or Red trim for breezers and gloves

White Helmet

It is not mandatory for participants in Mites or Termites to wear gear with these colors, but we strongly encourage that when you purchase new gear to follow this color scheme. All players in Squirts/10U and above must follow the BHB color scheme.

Other Information and Links

Advertising at Capital Ice Complex

Greetings! Capital Ice Complex, which houses the new Wachter Arena and freshly renovated Schaumburg Arena celebrated its Grand Opening on November 29, 2017!
Capital Ice Complex was able to be completed thanks to the generous support of many area businesses, organizations, and individuals.  BHB and BFSC are offering you a chance to become part of the action at the Capital Ice Complex by advertising on a dasher board or wall sign in one or both rinks. Take advantage of this offer soon as advertising opportunities are limited!