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Regular Season Registration

2022-2023 BHB Season Information

June has snuck up on us all and it is crazy to think it is time to start thinking about hockey season again!  But, then again, a lot of people never stop thinking about hockey!

BHB wants to provide you with the most up to date information so you can prepare for the upcoming season. 

The BHB Handbook has been updated and that is attached to this email.  We ask that all members review this handbook, as there are important updates to policies and how each level is structured.  Upon registering, you are agreeing that you have read all information contained in the Handbook and you agree to all policies.  You can also find the Handbook, along with certain policies on our website at:

One specific policy that you should note is the DIBS Policy, which is also included in the Handbook.  The updated DIBS Policy requires all members to complete 12 hours and the buyout is now $500.00.  There are a few exceptions to this, such as volunteers and coaches, so please be aware of what your required DIBS are for the year.  COACHES - please make sure you know what is required of you in order to receive compensation and/or DIBS credit!  We will not give credit for any DIBS hours if you have not completed the requirements for coaching prior to December 31.

June 15 marks the start of registration for regular season!  We will send an email off once it is opened and also post a message on Facebook.  You will notice there is still the early bird discount for those upper levels who register prior to August 1 so please register early. 

Also, if you expect to receive any sort of discount for this season, please email prior to registering and specify which discount you should be receiving and how many children you will be registering!  Per our handbook, only one discount will be honored per family.  

Preseason will run a bit differently than in the past so be on the lookout for that information soon!

Tryout dates are listed below and tryout information will be sent once it gets closer to the start of the season.  This will look similar to last year's format.

Here are some important dates that you will also want to mark on your calendar:

June 15 - Regular Season Registration Opens

June 20 - 6:00 - CIC - 15U Girls Meeting

July 1 - Coaches and Referee Registrations open

July 15 - Intro to Hockey and Preseason Registrations open

Sept 6-Sept 30 - Preseason

Sept 13-Oct 1 - Intro to Hockey

Sept 27 and 29 - Bantam Checking Clinic

Oct - Coaches and Parent Meetings

Oct 3-9 - Bantam/Peewee/15U/12U tryouts

Oct 10-16 - Squirt tryouts

Oct 17-19 - Mite evals

Oct 20-23 - Robbie Glantz

Oct 24 - Upper Levels start practice - Pictures will also take place this week

Oct 29 and 30 - Squirts/10U have first games

Nov - Sanford ImPACT Testing

Nov 1 - Termites/Mites start practice

Nov 6 - Termites/Mites have pictures during this week

Nov 13 - Termites/Mites first games

Middle of December - Squirt travel teams released

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!  We look forward to another great hockey season!

2022-2023 Regular Season Registration

Please check back on June 15 for our 2022-2023 season! 

Please read this entire page prior to registering for the season!  You can find helpful information on this page, along with rest of our website so we encourage you to navigate the website to try to find answers to your questions prior to emailing one of our staff.


Registration Information
Termites 6/1/15 - 5/31/18 $175 $175
Mites 6/1/13 - 5/31/15 $300 $300
Squirts/10U Rec League 6/1/11 - 5/31/13 $450 $850
Squirts Travel League* 6/1/11 - 5/31/13 $650 $1050
10U Travel League 6/1/11 - 5/31/13 $650 $1050
Peewees 6/1/09 - 5/31/11 $900 $1300
Peewees - Goalie 6/1/09 - 5/31/11 $400 $800
12U 6/1/09 - 5/31/11 $900 $1300
12U - Goalie 6/1/09 - 5/31/11 $400 $800
Bantams 6/1/07 - 5/31/09 $900 $1300
Bantams - Goalie 6/1/07 - 5/31/09 $400 $800
14U/15U 6/1/07 - 5/31/09 $900 $1300
14U/15U - Goalie 6/1/07 - 5/31/09 $400 $800

*By registering for Squirts Travel League, there is no guarantee your child will be placed on a Travel Team.  If your child tries out for the Travel League and is placed on the Recreational League after tryouts, you will receive a discount of $150.00, as there is a $50.00 tryout fee assessed.


As in previous years, BHB will be taking payments for the full amount at time of registration OR participants can choose to pay an initial payment at time of registration then pay the balance in equal installments on a credit card on 9/15, 10/15 and 11/15.


By registering a player to participate in Bismarck Hockey, I hereby agree to:

  • read BHB's Handbook and all policies attached thereto;
  • abide by all Bismarck Hockey Booster policies and rules of conduct;
  • participate in the Bismarck Hockey Booster gun raffle and acknowledge that I will be required to purchase or sell a minimum of 10 tickets at $20 per ticket for a total of $200 for the season;
  • volunteer my time to fulfill my DIBS obligations when requested to help our volunteer based organization with special events such as, but not limited to, tournaments; or, in the alternative, pay the DIBS fulfillment payment of $500;
  • pay all fees associated with the registration prior to December 15, 2022 or my child will not participate in any further BHB activities;
  • agree to all guidelines and rules provided by BHB; and
  • pay any past due fees prior to my child being allowed to participate in any BHB activities.

DIBS Requirements - UPDATED 2022-2023 Season

BHB has a volunteer program in which families will be required to volunteer hours to support games, tournaments, concessions and various other activities.   This program covers the entire season from April 1 to March 31 of the calendar year and is referred to as the Dibs Program.

This volunteer program helps support BHB's vision for the growth of youth hockey in the Bismarck community.

Scope of the Dibs Program:

  1. Volunteer Hour Requirements: 
    1. All families regardless of level will be required to complete twelve (12) hours of volunteer time during the season. This is a per family requirement, regardless of the number of registered skaters.
    2. All Dibs shifts worked will be set up in two (2) hour increments.
    3. BHB members who volunteer as a Team Manager, Board Member, Locker Room Monitor, or as a member of any other approved volunteer committee, will be asked to volunteer two (2) hours.  A list of these volunteers must be submitted to the BHB Executive Director prior to December 31 in order to be eligible for the reduced Dibs requirement.
    4. Any full-time rostered coach who has a USA Hockey registration number, Coaches CEP, and has completed SafeSport, a background check and the module requirements at their level is exempt and not required to complete volunteer hours.  Coaches must also register as a coach on the BHB website and submit all required employment paperwork prior to December 31.  Note:  All of these requirements must be fulfilled and confirmed by the BHB Executive Director to be eligible
    5. All Locker Room Monitors, capped at two (2) individuals per team, will also be required to complete two (2) Dibs hours. Team Managers must submit a list of Locker Room Monitors to the Executive Director prior to December 31. 
  2. Payment Requirements: 
    1. Each family during registration will be required to submit to an electronic payment to Bismarck Hockey Boosters that will be scheduled to be processed on May 1of the current season.  For example, for the 2022-2023 season, all payments will be processed 5/1/2023 if a family’s Dibs requirement has not been fulfilled.  
    2. BHB will not prorate any hours for reimbursement. Required Dibs hour completion is an all or nothing policy. If the required hours are not completed the full payment scheduled will be processed. For example, if a family is required to complete 10 hours and only 7 hours are completed, the entire Dibs payment will be processed.
    3. To simplify Dibs tracking and to avoid the possibility of duplicate processing of payment it is highly recommended that each family use a single account/email when registering players. For example, a family may have over time created more than 1 SportsEngine account. If members of the same family are registered under different accounts, it will require submitting to the Dibs payment for each separate registration and subsequently duplicate processing for a family at the end of the season as the system is unable to automatically link family members if separate accounts are used during registration.
  3. Buyout Option: 
    1. During registration a family may choose a “Buyout” option for their required Dibs. If this option is chosen during registration the full Dibs fee of $500 will be charged and the family will be free of their Dibs obligation for the season. Any family choosing the “Buyout” option will not be eligible for any Dibs incentives given during the season.
  4. Fulfillment:
    1. If the family completes the required volunteer hours by March 31 of the current season, the Dibs payment will be cancelled and will not be processed.   
    2. If the family does not complete the required volunteer hours by March 31 of the current season or chooses the Buyout option during registration, BHB will process the Dibs payment via the payment method submitted during registration.  
    3. If a family does not fulfill their Dibs payment and they were required to do so, their player will not be eligible to participate in any BHB activity the following season until this is paid in full.
    4. If a family has completed their required Dibs hours prior to registration being opened for the season they are to contact the Executive Director at the time of registration to bypass the Dibs payment requirement.

Termite Information

Just a few items to note as we are approaching the upcoming hockey season.

  • Termites will start practices the week of November 1 and then have their first games on November 13.  Everything will be on the calendar.  When choosing your "tags", make sure you click on the 2022-2023 season.
  • Practice schedules for November should be up in October.  Practice schedules are usually uploaded a month at a time and are not set schedules.  You can typically expect to see one practice during the week and a game on Sunday.
  • If you have siblings playing in termites, please email me if you DO NOT want them on the same team.  We will assume you want them together, unless we hear otherwise.
  • Teams will be posted on the website towards the end of October, as we receive many registrations up until the start of the season so we want to make sure we do not miss any kids when  putting together the teams.  Teams are put together based on the number of years kids have been in the program.  Teams will not be changed once posted, unless there is an exceptional circumstance, so please refrain from emailing and making requests to move your child.
  • If you are interested in coaching, please visit our "Coaches" tab on the website and/or reach out to

New Member FAQ

For any new members or members that need to freshen up on your hockey knowledge and how the hockey season runs, please take a peek at the FAQ page!  We will try to update this continuously, as we receive questions from parents - if one person is asking, someone else is wondering the same thing.

New Member FAQ Page