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How do I become an official?

All officials are required to attend one of the local seminars to become eligible to officiate USA Hockey games. You must bring a notepad, a pencil, skates, whistle, helmet, and wind suit. It is also encouraged to bring a beverage or snack to the seminar.

Payment for Referees

All questions relating to pay should be directed to Jeff Ball or Jeremy Melander.  Their contact information is located below.

However, in order to receive payment from Bismarck Hockey Boosters, you MUST complete the Referee Registration and complete the below forms (W-9 and Direct Deposit).  The link for registration is below!

Referee Clinics in Bismarck for the 2022-2023 Season

For those looking to start refereeing hockey or those who are needing and wanting the next level, dates and times for upcoming Referee Clinics are posted here.

A second clinic is being offered:

Oct 18 - 4:00-10:00 pm - CIC

Officials on the ice will need a helmet, skates, and recommended bringing a whistle if you have one.

Look on the USA Hockey website for other clinics in the area and for further information and requirements.

Registration Process

USA Hockey Registration

All officials will need to register through USA Hockey to become an official. This is where you will take your open book exam. USA Hockey will also send you a Rule and Casebook. Please complete this process before registering for a seminar.

Seminar Registration

A new process has been installed by USA Hockey when registering for the seminars. No paper sign in and everything will be tracked electronically. PLEASE REGISTER PRIOR TO THE SEMINAR TO EXPEDIATE THE PROCESS.  Anyone 13 or under will need to be registered as a walk up and will not be able to use the link below. The link below will take you to the website and give instructions on how to register for seminars.

Background Checks

All officials 18+ are required to fill out a background check form online. Link will be sent to you after registering through USA Hockey.

Online Seminar Curriculum (**NEW**)

USA Hockey has implemented online modules. You do not have to complete these prior to the seminar, but it is HIGHLY recommended to complete certain course activities. I know this may sound like USA Hockey trying to make more “work” for us, but instead they want the seminars to be shorter and give supervisors the opportunity to discuss other areas. IF YOU DO NOT GO THROUGH THE ONLINE MODULES YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR CREST AND CARD!


All officials will need to register and complete Safesport Training prior to the season. Safesport Training is valid for 1 season. If you took the training last year, you will need to take the training again. At that time, a shorter “refresher” course will be available. IF YOU DO NOT GO THROUGH THE ONLINE MODULES YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR CREST AND CARD!

USA Hockey Game Report

We have switched from using the Minnesota’s Game Report website and now will utilize USA Hockey’s. All officials should fill out the form for any and all game misconducts assessed throughout the year. Simply go to USA hockey website and follow these tabs:
Officials > Incident Report > Login > View Your Referee Status > Incident Report

USA Hockey Rule Book & Resources Available


Bismarck Hockey Referee Coordinator
Jeff Ball

Southwest District Referee in Chief
Jeremy Melander
Phone 701-240-9079