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10K Hockey Puck Challenge

BHB's 10,000 Puck Challenge
Co-Sponsored by Horizon Market & Bismarck bobcats

Let's take your players shooting skills to the next level with a fun and rewarding challenge. From May 1st to August 31st, 2024, we're challenging our players to hit 10,000 shots! Get ready to take your skills to the next level as we embark on another exciting journey together.

Unlike previous years, all players will need to reach the 10,000 shot milestone to be acknowledged at the end of the challenge. It's all about pushing our players to excel and providing them with a clear goal to strive for. 

Our players never cease to amaze us with their dedication and passion for the game, and we can't wait to see them rise to the challenge once again. Whether you're perfecting your shot, honing your stickhandling, or mastering your slapshot, this challenge is your chance to push yourself and reach new heights.

Remember, tracking of shots should be done outside of practices, camps, and games. Let's make this summer a game-changer for your child's hockey skills! 

Get ready to grab your pucks, hit the ice, and join us for another unforgettable challenge. Let's make this spring and summer a season of growth, improvement, and fun on the ice!


  • Register by completing the 10,000 Puck Challenge - 2024 Registration Google Form (Click Here)
  • Keep Track of your shots via via the link provided upon completion of registering via the Google Form (Team Name: BHB Hockey 10,000 Puck Challenge).
  • Achieve the Goal by August 31st, 2024
  • Participants who complete the 10,000 Puck Challenge will be invited to an exclusive Award Ceremony co-sponsored by Horizon Market and the Bismarck Bobcats. At this special event, each player will be honored with an official 10,000 Puck Challenge Trophy along with team-signed replica Bismarck Bobcats jersey and two tickets to a game in October.
  • Live Tracker on Our Website
  • Motivational & engaging Facebook posts every other week with tips and suggestions for the upcoming weeks.

*How to Link your Player to a Team in (Click Here)


Send any photos and/or videos of your players participating in the BHB 10,000 Puck Challenge Co-Sponsored by Horizon Market and Bismarck Bobcats to so we can utilize them this spring/summer on social media and to give continuous updates on the challenge.


Check Back every other Tuesday for Tips to succeed this Spring/ Summer in the 10,000 Puck Challenge. Click on the Graphic for the direct link for each week's Tuesday Tip!

Tuesday Tips - May 14th, 2024

YouTube Link:


Congrats to our Spring/Summer 2024
10,000+ Puck Shooters...





10,000 Hockey Puck Challenge 2023 Highlights

  • 454,505 - Total Shots Taken from June 7th - August 31st, 2024
  • 69 - Players Participated
  • 38 - Players Completed the Challenge
  • 1 - Bantam/15U Player Completed the Challenge
  • 11 - Peewee/12U Players Completed the Challenge
  • 20 - Squirt/10U Players Completed the Challenge
  • 7 - Mite/8U Players Completed the Challenge
  • 42 - Players Took 6,000+ Shots