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Keep Up To Date

By Mikayla Jablonski Jahner, 09/30/17, 4:15PM CDT


Some helpful tips to keep up to date on all of BHB news.

We have had some issues with people not receiving emails, the calendar not showing the right information for certain tags, and other issues.  We are trying our best to make sure that everyone receives information as promptly as possible.  Here are some helpful tips to make sure everyone knows what is going on with BHB:

  • Check the website often:  We have created this news feed and any emails or important information that needs to be relayed will be put in this news feed.  
  • Log in to your Sports Engine account:  We have found that not all information gets relayed to the general public, i.e., rink tags.  If you log in to your account, then you are able to see all information available to you.
  • Check your emails linked to your account:  There is a post in the news feed regarding this but I want to clarify - all emails will go to the email account registered with Sports Engine, not the email you used to register your child for the season.  If you need to change these emails, please do so through your account.
  • Feel free to reach out to us:  If you see an error on the calendar or missed some information that was sent off, please do not hesitate to contact me at  


We are working very hard to make sure that our communication is open and as transparent as possible with everyone.  However, we are all human and mistakes happen so please just let us know if you see something that should be corrected or if you see something that can be done better.  Also, Sports Engine is wonderful in many ways but it is technology so there are hiccups to be expected.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we make some great changes to this program.