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By Bismarck Hockey Boosters, 02/26/24, 12:00PM CST


In order for us to ensure great tournament weekends for all our NDAHA State Tournament participants we are offering an incentive to individuals who help us to fill the remainder of the DIBS shifts open the next two weekends during the NDAHA State Tournaments.

Please take note that there have been revisions to the DIBS policy since last year. We encourage all members to familiarize themselves with the updated policy to ensure clarity and understanding.

Below is a snippet of the requirements and limitations regarding DIBS Incentives.

"Prior to receiving any DIBS incentives, the family must have completed ALL required DIBS shifts prior to the weekend in which DIBS incentives are offered. (This incentive also applies to those who have fulfilled their Dibs through another volunteer position: coaches, team managers, locker room monitors, board members, committee members, etc.)

DIBS incentives shall be given in the form of a discount towards the following regular season registration and will be at a rate of $20.00/shift worked (2-hour shift). This is not compensation for the time you volunteer during those weekends but is held at a discount for the following season. 

DIBS incentives shall be capped at no more than $100.00 earned (5 DIBS shifts) unless prior approval is granted by the Executive Director to receive additional incentives. 

When DIBS incentives are earned, a family receiving DIBS incentives MUST email our DIBS Coordinator within two (2) weeks of completing the DIBS incentive shift to actually claim the incentive. The DIBS Coordinator can be reached at

Additionally, when a member registers their skater(s) for the following season and believes they should receive DIBS incentives as a discount on their regular season registration, the member MUST contact the Executive Director at prior to October 15 in order to receive your discount code. The member must also get your discount code from the Executive Director PRIOR to registering for the season or the member will be responsible for the processing fees at a rate of $25.00 per transaction. 

All requirements must be followed and met, or the member will lose the DIBS incentives."

Questions regarding DIBS can be directed to